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Using either a technician that comes to your doorstep or a specialised remote software that gives us access to your computer, PCBreak offers next-generation computer support exclusively dedicated to home users. 
We understand how running into issues on your computer is frustrating. PCBreak are here to give you that break. Sit back, relax, and let us do the hard work for you.
While computer repair shops shut down for the day, we offer adaptable online assistance just for you. We operate outside of the standard working hours so you have more time to attend to other needs.


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We aim to provide cost-effective, efficient packages and services to suit all customers' needs - the remote support that is affordable to every home user. 
PCBreak technicians bring you over 15 years of extensive computer experience and knowledge so, whatever your issues or query, we will provide a simple solution or answer.


Our philosophy is simple: recommend cost-effective services a customer needs while providing care and professional support; serving you with honesty and integrity.
To make general enquiry or purchase a package/service we can be contacted online using our Contact Us Form

We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours if not sooner. 

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Where is PCBreak located? 

PCBreak is located in the heart of Sutton, Surrey.

Why is a health check needed? 

The main reason is extending the life of your computer. Also, to catch possible problems before it happens and to report any current issues to the customer.

Why should I choose remote support? 

Remote support is an instant remote access to support your computer needs. Home users do not have time to take it in for a health check or to fix an issue. PCBreak will do it at your time without you leaving your home.

How do I know I can trust a PCBreak technician into my home? 

We will carry a clear identification (driving licence or passport) with us and presented at your doorstep. We will not enter without your permission. 

Please note: if you turn a PCBreak technician away, prepayment of £15 is non-refundable.

How far does a PCBreak technician travel for an on-site connect services visit? 

Free on-site visit within 5 miles, no prepayment needed. Our maximum on-site travel is up to 25 miles, however we can make an exception for certain circumstances. Contact us for further details. 

How long will the PCBreak technician be onsite for? 

Our maximum onsite spent time is 3 hours. This is dependent between the services chosen; the discretion and agreement of the technician onsite and the customer.

How long will you be in remote connection to my computer? 

A remote connection will vary from 15 minutes to an hour. The maximum time spent on any remote connection is 3 hours.

Will any of my personal data be accessed? 

We take personal privacy very seriously. No personal data will be accessed unless deemed necessary for the sole purpose of the work carried out only after given authority by the customer. 

I’m not sure what I want? 

Please see our packages and services according to your needs, if you still require further assistance, use the contact us form and we will guide you to the best options for your needs.

What are PCBreaks payment options? 

We are using a secure transaction with PayPal (online) and PayPal Here (offline). A transaction of 3.4% +20p will apply on all purchases. Other payments are coming soon, please call us for more information.

When do we make payment? 

Depending on the packages/services chosen, we simply ask you to make a prepayment of £15 non-refundable. When the job is completed to the service we have agreed on, you pay the rest.

What are your refunds policy? 

The prepayment of £15 is non- refundable of any packages and services

I would like to make a schedule appointment with the package or service I have purchased, is this possible? 

Yes, schedule appointments are possible at your convenience.

What are the difference between the packages and services? 

The Remote packages are health checks designed to help customers ensure their computer(s) are maintained to a certain level of care. The Connect services are designed to help with any issues the customers are facing.

I would like to report a broken link or feedback on your website?

Please email support@pcbreak.co.uk for all broken links and feedback regarding the website. 

Where can I leave a review? 

To leave a review visit our social sites, here

Can I cancel my Remote Gold package subscription? 

Yes, you can. We will have to work out the difference of each quarterly check and service already taken and you will be charged at minimum of £15 each.
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